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Bigger Penis

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Question: does the largest Marine mammal in turn have the biggest penis on earth???

Answer: The biggest penis indeed belongs to the biggest animal: the blue whale. The largest measured penis reached 2,4 m (8 feet)

Accurate measurements are difficult to be made because the whale’s erect length can only be observed during mating.

Moreover, whales (and dolphins) have some control over their penises: they can move it and – to a certain degree – bend its tip to facilitate mating! In a way, we were expecting this result, but this is like a human having a 10 cm penis, because the blue whale can reach 33 m (100 feet) body length.

In relative terms, the title belongs to … a duck!

The Argentine Blue-bill or Argentine Lake Duck (Oxyura vittata) is a small South American stiff duck. What’s paradoxical in this equation is that most birds do not even have a penis, except ostriches (and related groups, like kiwi and tinamous), ducks, geese and swans.

Bird penis in flaccid state curled up inside the cloaca. Well, a specimen of Argentine blue-bill duck had a remarkable 42.5 cm (17 inches) long penis (photo center) (the average length of this species is 20 cm (8 inches))!

The flaccid penis is coiled but fully erect is twice the size of the bird: it is like us having a 3.5 m (12 feet) penis…

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  1. Yes – as was once explained on the inimitable QI, the blue whale has a 16-foot penis.

    I mean to say the male blue whale does, of course.

  2. I believe the largest penis measured on a blue whale was 8 ft long. However, compared to their massive body size, this is like a human having a 3 cm long penis. The largest penis compared to body size actually is found in a species of duck. Barnacles have the longest penis-like structures compared to their body size, but it’s not really a penis.

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